Lemon Cake


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Lemon Cake soap, made with shea butter, lemon juice, and lemon rind for exfoliation. Sweet with a very small tart note, this fragrance will make you drool. Notes of granulated sugar combine with warm butter notes and vanilla extract to provide a solid base to the sweetener notes of fresh lemon, whipped meringue, lemon rind and graham cracker to make a sweet, yummy fragrance.

If you’ve never tried handmade soap made with fresh ingredients such as lemon juice and shea butter before, your skin is in for a real treat. It does not contain detergents or synthetic ingredients like store bought soap or body wash, and your skin will thank you for using handmade soap. Because this handmade soap is free of the chemicals found in store-bought soap, a draining soap dish is recommended.

Ingredients: Lard, water, coconut oil, soybean oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, castor oil, citric acid, lemon juice, fragrance, lemon rind, colorant, isopropyl alcohol, poppy seeds.